June 28, 2012

Updated Home Video

Here is a video of the Updated Home.

It's been a while since we've posted anything on the blog. After about a month of being in the new home it is starting to look like a place where people live. We still need to hang most things on the walls, but overall the house looks great.

Annie's dad has spent many hours painting the walls and in some cases the ceilings in order to make the home feel warmer. The rust colored accent wall goes great with the brown in the dining and living room, and the odd shade of green that we probably wouldn't have normally picked works surprisingly well with the tile backsplash in the kitchen. Also, the newly painted white porch is much brighter and fresher looking then the worn, non painted wood that was in there before.

In addition to paint, we have also added furniture to fill in the house. Luckily we moved from a decent sized apartment into not to large of a house, so we didn't need to buy too much furniture. Mainly we wanted a large dining room table (So that we would have ample board game space) and a queen sized bed (The full was feeling small, especially when Leo was sleeping with us).

We also did a lot of work on the exterior of the house. Over memorial day weekend I got on the roof and removed four garbage bags worth of dead leaves and other detritus. The garden got a little freshening up with a new layer of mulch, and I planted my hops along with some vegetables.

You can see all of these updates in the video, so I won't post any pictures of them. Enjoy!