February 11, 2013

More Shelves Than We Know What To Do With

Again, Annie and I want to give a big thanks to her dad for helping make the basement look less creepy and more livable. He recently finished painting the last section of basement floor. Yesterday (Sunday, Feb. 10th) he added some much needed shelving. And, although Leo hasn't completely tested each shelf, they look to be quite solid. 
 This photo shows the finished floor as well as one set of shelves, which are connected to the previous shelving. 
 The shelves are anchored to the ceiling joists, which I think was a pretty good idea on Annie's dads part. Unless, that is, we get a massive tornado—then the shelves might get sucked out of the basement. 
Here is a 'Leo view' photo that shows both sets of shelves. 
So we've pretty much doubled our storage space, which is good, because we should be able to keep everything except rugs off the ground, and who knows when this basement will flood next.

Now we just need to drive around looking for piles of junk on curb sides with signs that say 'Free' so we can fill up all these shelves. Until then, we have this stuff to put away. 

Of course, what's really important is the question, "What does Leo think?" When I asked him, he said the shelves looked nice, but he thought the materials and effort could have been put to a better use making one of these . . .

Maybe next time Leo.