April 9, 2012

Menards Trip 7 of 12,349

Despite our lack of actually moving into the new house, I have somehow managed to make 7 or so trips to Menards already. Usually I do this during my free time when not at work and I am not looking for anything in particular. I simply start at one end of the store, then meander aisle by aisle looking at all of the beautiful projects as I daydream about how they could be used to amplify the beauty of our already beautiful home. Today (I'll call this trip seven even though it is just an estimate) was the result of different conditions.

Annie and I were in Hudson getting our new car repaired (again) and found ourselves stranded in a town that was not designed with the walker in mind. Naturally the best option (even if Hudson had a bustling transit system) was to walk to the nearest Menards and wander the glistening aisles. While we looked at just about everything in the store (we had to burn 3 hours) I only ended up taking a picture in the lighting department. We are planning on changing the light fixture in the bathroom a little after we move in, and there were definitely plenty of options.
(Any gazing toward the heavens. No wait, that's just a neon sign)
Below I took a picture of a likely candidate. It was about 60 bucks which is less then we were originally thinking about, so that would be a plus. Ironically the picture has poor lighting despite being in a department where you wouldn't expect that to be a problem. The sun is simply too powerful.
(Possible light fixture for bathroom)
Until next time!

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