January 19, 2013

Basement Update

Annie and I would like to give a large thanks to Dave, Annie's dad, who just spent a large amount of time working on our basement. The cement floor is close to a hundred years old. It was multi-colored and pockmarked from time and probably from flooding. A new coat of paint really went a long way in making it look great.

First, a before shot . . . 
There's a lot of junk laying around in this one, but you can see quite well the state of the floor. It wasn't very good. 

And now, here is an after shot . . .
Ahhh. Much better. Most of the small craters are still there, it's just really hard to see them with a fresh coat of paint. 

Here's another angle . . .
(Notice the large pile of crap still in the back corner)

In addition to painting the basement floor, Dave also painted the walls above the stairwell. They were simply unpainted wood before and there is no light, so it was extremely dark walking down the stairs. Now, however, it's nice and white, and much brighter when taking the journey to the basement. Here is a photo, although I don't have a before shot . . .

That's all for now!


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