March 27, 2013

Let the Garden Begin . . .

On Sunday, March 24, in the year 2013, Annie and I bought some seeds. 

Here they are . . .
(Some seeds from Menards)
We also bought that tray thing and some dirt, but the seeds are more interesting. We're planning on turning the southernmost section of our backyard into a garden, and we thought we'd give our plants a little head start. Apparently the last frost date for St. Paul is around May 15th, and these transplant plants are supposed to be started 7-8 weeks before that date. Still, I'm a little wary of planting the seeds considering our colder than average spring.

But we still did it anyway.
(The micro greenhouse doing it's thang.)
I think this would be a good picture for one of those motivational posters. Underneath it would be the line, "Confidence: starting a garden when it's still below freezing outside." Another option would be, "Water Bottles: they keep cats away from plants."

Here's a map of what we planted in our tiny greenhouse . . .

(Plant layout)
There are only so many plants you can start in containers. We want to try several other varieties in the backyard, but most simply get sown directly into the earth, so we'll have to wait for spring. It's supposed to be 50 and rainy on Saturday, so hopefully that helps get rid of some of the snow. We'll probably end up doing a lot of the herbs in containers on the patio and possibly in the flower box that's on our porch, so that should leave a good amount of space in the backyard for peppers and tomatoes and kohlrabi and kale and whatever else. Plus, we got the hops. Now all we need is a chicken coop and we'd be self sustained. 

Anyway, it's just a start. Only time will tell how green our thumbs truly are. 

Here are a few random photos just for the heck of it. 
(I made a cake the other day. When I added the eggs to some oil and h20, I thought it looked cool, so I took a picture.)

(Here's the cake with a layer of caramel on top.)

(Here's the cake again, after the party . . .)

(Leo staying clear of the unfamiliar gardening equipment)

(This is the background on the mac right now)

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