March 15, 2013

Time To Build An Ark . . .

There was a puddle forming on our patio—I blinked and then it was a lake. Soon I fear it will be a sea and after that it's only a few gallons away from ocean status. Below is a photo of our water troubles.
(Here's a sea even Moses wouldn't be able to part)

This is the first spring in our new home, so we're still discovering how the backyard handles the melting snow. So far, it hasn't done that well. Since the temperature keeps going up and dropping, the snow keeps melting into water and then freezing into a skating rink. On the plus side, I just got my ice skates back from my parents (ba-da-bump!). 

(You need a canoe to get to the garage)
This has been an above average year for winter precipitation, so hopefully it's not as bad next winter. Also, after the first big snowfall, we didn't fully shovel the patio, so maybe it would help if the snowbank we have is a little further back in the yard. Although I'm thinking the patio is the low point, so either way if we get a lot of snow, we're probably screwed.

(You can see Lake Itasca up near the garage. It feed's the Mississippi and our patio)
 I added the picture above to highlight our flow problem. All the snow and water and ice in the backyard meander down our walking path toward our patio. The one positive thing is the water seems to be pooling on the corner of the patio away from the house, so thus far we haven't noticed any water in the basement. My brother in law looked at the photo's and had some suggestions that might help reduce the H20 problem, but those will have to wait until spring. 

(Just threw this photo in to be artsy)
I added the above photo for two reasons. One, it shows how I used the recycling bins to jump to the ice and walk to the garage, but mainly I added this photo because I was messing around with photoshop and wanted to add it to the blog. The way I made it was by pasting the same image over a photoshop document twice. I turned the top layer to black and white, then simply erased the puddle, revealing the color copy below. It adds a cool look. 

Anyway, I don't hate the snow as much as most people, but I am excited for it to melt. When the snow leaves it means garden season is almost upon us. Can you say Bok Choy!? 


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